How To Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress Security

Website hacking or attacks is really a big problem for most website owners. In WordPress you can improve the security of your websites from the attacks by simply taking time and learning the process on how to protect them. So lets do some basic things on how to secure your WordPress websites Username Security In [...]

How To Add Custom Social Icon on Avada Top Header


Avada has lot of features and its really a nice theme to create different types of websites. However, there are some circumstances that the support cant help you in some custom works. They have some partners that can work with custom works to achieved what you wanted on your website but in my experience sometimes [...]

Manage WP: A Solution For Multiple WordPress Blogs


Manage WP is a program which has been getting a lot of media attention from bloggers and the internet marketing community. It has been designed to solve a problem that faced many bloggers and marketers online: how can they manage multiple WordPress blogs at once in an easy way. What is Manage WP? Manage WP [...]

How To Recover Link Manager or Blogroll in WordPress


As you have notice that Link Manager or Blogroll is missing with the latest version of WordPress. Its all started from WordPress 3.5 which this features doesn’t available by default. However, If you just update to the latest version, Link Manager is still there but with fresh installation you can’t find it anymore. In this [...]

How To Change or Remove Uncategorized Category


By default all your posts that are not categorized are automatically goes to “Uncategorized” category. Once you installed and setup a new WordPress, this category is already there. You cant also delete this category if you are not going to change the “Default Post Category” in your settings. For instance might don’t want to show [...]

How To Install Genesis Theme


Genesis is one of the popular WordPress Framework created by Studio Press that most people are using in terms of simplicity and its tons of features. It has a powerful features that can create excellent websites in WordPress. Im also using Genesis Theme created by Aaron Hartland, although there are a lot of Genesis Themes [...]

5 Reasons Why Web Designers Love WordPress


Website designers should hate content management systems such as WordPress because it has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to make their own websites instead of coming to web designers. But, there are a few benefits to having WordPress around if you are a web designer. Here are five reasons why web designers love WordPress. [...]

How To Setup No-Follow Attribute For Your Website Outbound Links


Last week, I received a message from Google via Webmaster Tools regarding Unnatural outbound links on my website. This may happen also for most of bloggers or website owners that uses Guest Blogging Network that been penalized by Google recently. Yes, its A few days after, I received also several emails from different people [...]

How To Get Rid Of Numbers Showing In Your WordPress URL’s


URL Structure is also important for your blog or website. WordPress has a built it features which allows you to change your wordpress pages or posts URL, this is called Permalink Structure. The Permalink feature of WordPress can help you create SEO Friendly URL and user friendly as well. Showing some numbers in your URL’s [...]

Importing Posts or Pages From One Site To Another


Have you tried migrating your posts or pages from one site to another? In most cases you wanted to change or transfer your contents to a new domain and setup a redirection. Some WordPress users having a hard time of manually doing it, like copy and paste it into their new website. That’s really frustrating [...]